Saturday April 25 - Sunday April 26, 2015
Stata Center, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Recognizing the fast emergence and potential significance of this field, the aim of this workshop series is to bring practitioners of mammalian synthetic biology together with experts from other relevant fields. The general goals of the workshop are to nucleate the nascent mammalian synthetic biology community, reach out to experts from other fields that can benefit from and contribute to this field, and define the important challenges and future directions. The workshop provides a forum for exposition of the latest developments in the field and discussions of how experts from other fields can benefit from and contribute to mammalian synthetic biology.

General topics will include:
- Foundational mammalian synthetic biology
- Synthetic biology applications in scientific inquiry
- Synthetic biology applications in industrial applications

Additional topics will include: ethical, safety, and policy issues; methods of treatment diseases; protein and RNA based therapeutics; drug screening; microbiome applications; stem cells; cell based therapies; diabetes & metabolic diseases; cancer; tissue engineering; genetic diseases; infectious disease; and vaccines.


The first workshop included breakout sessions to identify the main challenges and opportunities. Findings from the breakout sessions may be downloaded here.